9.5 Cold Wine Black
0.75 lt

Farm Val de Brun.
Vineyards: with a north-south and west-east orientation, with about 4,000/4,500 vine-stocks per hectare with an average age of about 8/12 years.
Average production: 1.5 kg per vine-stock corresponding to 600/700 kg per hectare.
Grape variety: aromatic variety typical from Treviso province.
Growing technique: Sylvoz.

The grapes are picked a few days before their full ripeness so that they have lower sugar content, higher acidity and a more fruity bouquet. Traditional vinification with soft pressing and partial cold maceration. The must is then kept at 0°C and used to produce various lots of sparkling wine during the year. The fermentation is performed at about 10/12°C with select yeast and guarantees highly aromatic and intense scents. While the must is in full fermentation, it is moved to the autoclave for the foam formation so as to turn it into a finished sparkling wine through a single fermentation at low temperature over a period of 35/40 days. This aims at strengthening and developing the aromatic component that is very special and characterises this sparkling wine. The low temperature fermentation causes the formation of substances that build the structure and convey importance to the wine, so as to compensate for the low alcohol content and obtain a perfectly harmonious taste. At the end of the foam formation, the sparkling wine is kept on its noble lees for 20/30 days to complete and enrich its organoleptic characteristics. Before being bottled, a small percentage of must of fine aromatic grapes is added to the sparkling wine to complete the taste and bouquet of the product and strike a perfect balance between them.

Perlage: very fine and persistent.
Colour:    straw yellow with greenish reflections.
Bouquet: ethereal, delicate, very personal due to the synergy of the variety aromas and the yeast perfumes; with a clear-cut aromatic note.
Taste:    full, harmonious and dry.

Alcohol content, % vol. 9.00 – 10.00
Sugars, g/l 13.00 – 14.00
Total acidity, g/l    5.50 – 6.50

2 - 3° C, obtained in the ice bucket.

Keep in a cool and dry place away from light and heat sources.

"9.5 Cold Wine Black" Extra dry - Astoria

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