9.5 Cold Wine PINK
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Tenuta Val de Brun.
Vineyards: with north-south and west-east orientation, approximately 4,000/4,500 vines per hectare and an average age of roughly 8/12 years.
Grape variety: aromatic varieties typical of the upper Treviso area.
Growing technique: Sylvoz.
The grapes are harvested a few days before they fully mature, in order to keep their sugar content lower, their acidity higher and their aroma fruitier. A traditional wine-making process is followed, with soft pressing and partial cold maceration. Fermentation occurs at approximately 10/12°C with selected yeasts, in order to achieve highly aromatic and intense aromas. In full fermentation, the must is moved directly to a pressure tank for the second fermentation and the addition of a small amount of wine made using red grapes and short maceration periods, which gives the sparkling wine its much sought-after colour and timbre. To boost the strength and development of the highly particular aroma that characterises this sparkling wine, a single fermentation process is carried out, lasting for 35/40 days, at a low temperature. In addition, the winemaker encourages the formation of substances that give structure and depth to the wine, thereby offsetting the low alcohol content and maintaining a perfect balance of taste. Once the second fermentation is complete, the sparkling wine is refined on fine dregs for 20/30 days, to complete and enrich its organoleptic properties. Before bottling, a small percentage of the must of fine aromatic grapes is added to complete and balance the wine's taste and bouquet.
Perlage: very fine and persistent.
Colour: soft pink.
Bouquet: airy, delicate, very particular given the synergy of varietal aromas and fragrances of the yeast; with strong aromatic notes.
Taste: full, harmonious and delicately soft.
Alcohol content, % vol. 9.00 – 10.00
Sugars, g/l 16.00 – 17.00
Total acidity, g/l 5.50 – 6.50
2 - 3° C, achieved in an ice bucket.
The wine should be stored in a cool, dry place far from sources of light and heat.
9.5 Cold Wine PINK - Astoria
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