Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian
0.50 lt

Made with olives grown on the hills of the Western Ligurian Coast. The olive trees benefit from highly favourable exposure and a mild microclimate that produces perfectly ripe fruit.

The olives are harvested in November and December. After the leaves have been stripped away, the olives are slowly ground with traditional granite grindstones. The resulting paste is cold pressed to produce a liquid that is 40% water and 20% oil. The remaining 40% of the paste is residue that remains in the pressing mats.
The last stage in the process is centrifuging the liquid to separate the water from the oil. The oil is then sieved to remove any remaining impurities and stored at a constant temperature.

Colour: golden yellow with slight tinges of green.
Aroma: fine, harmoniously poised and sweet, with a dash of sharpness.
Taste: soft, complex and packed with fruity notes.
There are nicely balanced bitter and piquant hints.

Free acidity, in oleic acid, g%g <0.80

It can be used raw in cuisine in numerous ways: it is best enjoyed on bread, salad, grilled meat, fish and in general all dishes in which extra virgin olive oil is a key component.

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from heat and light.

18 months.

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