Wine Store

Innovation and a contemporary outlook are the distinctive features of Astoria Wines and they are reflected in the graceful modern architecture of the Astoria Lounge Wine Store, where the company sells its products and welcomes guests among the spellbinding DOCG Prosecco hills. Steel and glass, minimalist interiors and cutting-edge design create a dynamic, sophisticated atmosphere that is perfectly in keeping with the Astoria spirit. The showroom was conceived to mirror the company’s changing identity and provide a venue for unforgettable events. It hosts tasting sessions, art exhibitions, cultural gatherings and social initiatives, giving concrete form to the essence of Astoria Wines.

Guided tours

Join us on an entrancing trip through our history and find out all about our background during tours and tasting sessions. You will start on the Val de Brun Estate – where an enchanting late 19th century farmhouse stands among 40 hectares of stunning vineyards – before heading to the winery adjoining the store, where our prestigious wines are created.

Come and see us at the Astoria Lounge Wine Store: a showroom dedicated to the pleasures of the eyes, spirit and palate. It is at 12/A Via Crevada in Crevada, on the SP38 provincial road between Conegliano and Pieve di Soligo.

We are open from Monday to Saturday, from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. // +39 0438 454333 // +39 337 111 8497